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Complete Corvette History

The Corvette, manufactured by the Chevrolet corporation is a sports car that has been made since the early 1950′s. Ask anyone about Corvette and the answers you will get will range from high end, to expensive, but everyone knows what it is.Originally the Corvette was made in Michigan, as well as Missouri, however today’s Corvette is made in Bowling Green Kentucky, and the complete Corvette history is nothing short of fascinating.From 1953 to 1962, the Corvette was “THE” sport car of choice for anyone to a top business executive, to a race car driver to a famous movie star, but the complete Corvette history starts much further back than that. It had its roots in a time that was at least a decade earlier when a single man decided that he liked sports cars and wanted to see some class American sports cars come out of the United States.Harley Earl adored sports cars and watching some of the soldiers who were coming home after WW2, Earl was watching them bring home Jaguars, MGs, and cars like the Alfa Romeo. His partnership with two other designers, and designs that they dreamed up, gave birth to the complete Corvette history.He designed a car with the help of two other famous automotive designers, and Nash Motors began to sell a small two seat sports car called the Nash Healey. Earl then went to work to convince the powers that be at GM that they too needed to build a small sports car. Earl and a design crew started to work on a new car in that same year. The code name that was given to the car was “Opel.” The result was the Corvette, 1953 edition, which was first shown to the public at the car show called Motorama. The complete Corvette history had its beginning.It was given the name Corvette, which was taken from a small frigate ship that was particularly able to be quickly maneuvered into position and the first few Corvettes were literally hand built to specifications in a plant in Flint, Michigan, where it was assiduously overseen for quality. Credit for naming one of the most famous cars in history goes not to the designers but instead to Myron Scott.Sales of the car, due to a lowered performance rating, were not as great as it might have been hoped they would be and the history might have ended right here, since GM considered ending the project then and there. Enter the V-8 engine and a Russian engineer who came to work for GM and gave the Corvette a manual 3 speed transmission and the rest… well you guessed it, is the complete Corvette history.